Interior design wall art

Wall Art is an essential part of a Interior Design. A good “image” will speak for you, it’ll tell the people about your refined taste. It’ll flatter and bring you up to a category of a person with “culture”.


Bring your room to life, decorate your walls with the stylish lines and added depth of stretched canvas, or mounted prints. Our images pleases your eyes, brings joy to your spirit, and gains artistic value while it beautifies a wall, a room, a home, a building or an outdoor space.






Museum quality Fine-Art reproductions

Giclées are Museum quality Fine-Art reproductions, also called Archival Prints. These are the result of highly advanced digital printing technology.

A Fine-art Giclée is the closest to an original painting you can get. These artworks are made with an ultra-high-resolution fine-art Epson SureColor P9000 printer, using ten (eleven) separate cartridges of the very finest archival Epson UltraChrome(R) HDX Ink Technology on acid free Hahnemühle premium canvas or papers. Independent testing by Wilhelm Imaging Research Inc. (a world-leader in image-longevity testing) has established that these “Archival-Prints” or Giclées will last more than 200 years before any noticeable shift in color integrity occurs. Unlike regular printed reproductions, Giclées are truly durable “Museum quality” Fine-Art reproductions.

The color and artistic value, quality of materials, and overall looks make a Fine-art Giclée much more valuable and much more expensive to produce than any other type of reproduction. Its Market value increases even more, if it is of a limited edition of 100 pieces or less, and if it has been pencil signed and numbered by the Artist. Giclées are usually accompanied by an Authenticity Certificate” indicating title of the original, and size of the limited edition.

A Fine-art Giclée is created by tiny jets spraying millions of droplets of archival, pigmented inks onto a sheet of fine art, acid free paper or onto cotton canvas. This spray of ink, more that 4 million droplets per second, whirls onto paper spinning on a drum at 250 inches per second. Hence the name Giclée is French for “fine spray.”

Precise computer calculations control ten ink jets that together produce 512 shades of dense, special quality ink. The information controlling the jets comes directly from a computer – no printing film or plates are involved. The computer’s information is scanned directly from the artist’s original work or a digital image of it. An art print emerges, of a superior quality than a serigraph or lithograph. A true Museum-quality Fine-Art reproduction.



For your living room, bed room, waiting room or office
Aviation Art Prints
Aviation Art Prints

Aviation Art Prints
Aviation Art Prints


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FlyArt Publishing is addicted to the quality not only in terms of technical but also aesthetical. Quality and satisfaction is our priority number one.



Format, Size, Finish, Edition

Each customer is different, each wall and house is different and so we would like to provide not only the best selection of art but also the wide selection of order options to meet exactly your vision or need. We are bringing the basic selection here in the online store and in addition if your needs are different just CONTACT us and we will deliver your art just like you want it to be.


Following Order Options are only for our InHouse Premium, Limited Edition and Open Edition Printing Service. For Private Open Edition prints, which are fulfilled by our partner FAA, different order Options are available (please see the Store section of our page).



Not ready to buy? Rent instead.

Wall Art Rental Services by FlyArt Publishing helps companies to complete highly professional and aesthetic environment of their offices by adequate Giclée Art Work. FlyArt Publishing rental services is the right choice for everyone who wants the interior of his flat, office or event to change its face. One can achieve this by renting prints from our art selection. To rent Giclée Art Work feel free to browse our archive in the GALLERY section and CONTACT us once you have chosen the right images for your needs.