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Wall Art Rental Services by FlyArt Publishing helps companies to complete highly professional and aesthetic environment of their offices by adequate Giclée Art Work. FlyArt Publishing rental services is the right choice for everyone who wants the interior of his flat, office or event to change its face. One can achieve this by renting prints from our art selection. To rent Giclée Art Work feel free to browse our archive in the GALLERY section and CONTACT us once you have chosen the right images for your needs.


We also realize very specific projects, short-term renting of artworks for presentations and company events. It is also possible to rent even only one print.


We offer you a free-of-charge consultation directly in your interior. Professional service, art consulting and regular change of artworks.


We will simply create a project of Giclée Art Work decoration for your interior, which we will be regularly changed, so that your environment have a new, diverse and above all inspiring feeling both for you and your friends or clients.


In case you would not be interested in renting the artworks and having a regular change of artworks of your own company gallery, but you would prefer to own the artworks, then we will create for you an ideal selection of artworks which will meet your criteria including the price.


Our renting service is available in certain locations only. To rent an art work please send your inquiry thru the CONTACT form.




Living rooms I Bed rooms I Dining rooms I Bath rooms

Do you need a change? Are you bored from your empty walls? Or have you perhaps had enough of ordinary cheap reproductions from warehouses? Give yourself a little pleasure, surprise your party guests with something unique, find an original present for your dear ones! You don’t need to be afraid of real life investment!


Try it out. We will lend you an Fine Art Giclée master piece, you don’t have to buy anything. If after a month or two you decide that this is not your cup of tea, you can return it or exchange it for another one. A different size, format or color make a world of difference. Look an the selection of art in our FlyArt Publishing online GALLERY where you may find your inspiration. Write to us about your ideas and we will be glad to introduce our portfolio to you, to give a recommendation. It is all on a trial basis, no required commitment to buy anything.


Our favorable monthly rental prices start at $10 and go up to $200 a month, for which price you can acquire an art work that could be worth well above $2000 in purchased original price.


If you like your art rental experience you can keep our work of art up to one year and what’s more, if you decide you want to keep it we will be happy to deduct the rental amount from its purchase price, so that you have nothing to lose.


The rental period for home purposes is one to twelve months. If you decide to keep our work of art we will deduct the rental price from its purchase price.




Corporations I Hotels I Restaurants

Do you find your office walls dull or drab? Have you thought of embellishing your hotel with contemporary art?


Would you like to enhance the representative premises of your company?


Do you need to make a good impression on your clients and a pleasanter working environment for your employees? Fine art can provide a nice environment for your clients and visitors and stimulate conversation among your colleagues.


Renting art enables you to freshen up your work spaces. Even more, quality art is an excellent way to show your good taste and sophistication. Renting art is a great opportunity to express your open support of contemporary artists.


The rental period for administrative facilities is six months. In most medium to large facilities works of art function better in a collection. Monthly rental prices start at $20 and go up to $500 a month.




Party I Conference I Meeting

You need to be creative in the embellishment of your premises for a company event, especially a one-time event lasting a single afternoon, evening, day or a week? Do you want to impress your valued guests? You may need an artistic decoration – a painting perhaps – for staging a film?


Short time rentals can be arranged for a period of one to seven days. Other requirements are specified in a contract for each event.