Our Mission & Vision

FlyArt Publishing is dedicated to deliver the best selection of Aviation Art images in the world. FlyArt Publishing was founded in 2000 in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. Since that time, FlyArt Publishing has become a leader in the Aviation Fine Art Photography.


Aviation Art Photography is about more than just an airplane hanged in the sky against the blue sky. FlyArt Publishing is taking the aviation photography to a whole new level where the photographs are presenting the world of aviation completely in a new way by giving a soul to the images and the airplanes itself by incorporating composition, shapes, light and colors which are both significant and symbolic. These eye-catching photographs are presenting the aviation in a calm yet majestic way where simple shapes and colors are left to speak for themselves.


Author’s thorough knowledge of the subject and his ability to create an art pieces of high art value and technical quality, makes this book a must for those who are looking for a more than a encyclopedic view on a world of aviation and for sure will inspire a wide range of aviation and photography enthusiast and professionals.


Most of these great airplanes can still be seen flying across the skies and those which are not are resting in the fields and silently telling their story of once being the part of the endless sky.





Flyer & Artist

Rastislav Marguš born in former Czechoslovakia is a leading a career of a full time professional airline pilot of a Boeing commercial jet aircrafts. He undertook his first flying lessons as a 15 year old teenager. Although he is pilot of modern jets he is living a life of full time professional photographer. Passion for photography started well back at the college at the beginning of his pilot studies by the start of the new millennium.


“Career: Pilot…Profession: Photographer”


Since 2004 he is a member of the International Federation of Journalist (IFJ) which was a consequence of prolonged cooperation with various life-style and aviation magazines and during the year 2010 he became a member of the Federation of European Professional Photographers (FEP) after his work was reviewed by the jury of professionals in the industry.


The golden period and the biggest impact to his photography studies was by the time when he was working as a assistant to the greatest master of photography in Central Europe, Martin Vrabko.




Aviation is the dominating genre in his portfolio, but since the world is not only about heavy iron flying machines, he started to capture the beauty of the woman and the beauty of our earth as seen by the Gods as well.


His steps took him to the largest airshows and airports in the world to walk under the wings of the greatest icons of aviation, they took him to various studios, fashion shows and miss competitions to capture the most beautiful women’s in the world and at last but not least they took him high enough to soar above the most beautiful parts of our planet Earth.


Over the time the company with the name FlyArt Publishing was established. It is dedicated to deliver the best aviation art, femme art, geo art and healing art in the form of interior decoration.



Certificates, Awards, Qualifications, Diplomas

Awarded by Federation of European Professional Photographers with Qualified European Photographer Certificate and with FEP Yeard Awards 2017 by Merit Award and Reportage & Wildlife Certificate

Qualified European Photographer